What’s the best season of year to see water reflections in Uyuni?

From December to April, during the rainy season.


What should I wear/bring?

Usually we recommend you bring warm clothes because Uyuni can get quite chilly at night. But it’s also very important to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, hats and the like. The Salt Flats are very reflective surface, because of this, it’s better if you bring something to protect your eyes and since there is no shade, you should also bring something to protect yourself against the sun, it’s easy to get badly sunburnt.


Can the salt damage my clothes and or electronic devices?

Yes, the effect is not immediate though. Think of it as having the same precautions you would with sea water. Salt can damage your clothes and electronic devices with time. We recommend you bring shoes and/or clothes you don’t mind getting covered with salt. If you don’t get your electronic devices wet with salt they should be fine.


What currency should I bring?

In Bolivia the local currency is Bolivianos. You may bring dollars. There are plenty of banks where you can get your money exchanged. There are many ATMs as well.


Is there any bottled water and/or supplies readily available for purchase?

Yes. The town of Uyuni has everything you need should you want any additional goods.



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