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Uyuni salt flats: tour and travel tips

Why everyone should visit Uyuni Salt Flats Who hasn’t heard yet about the Salt Flats? If Bolivia is famous for one thing, it’s certainly for its Salt Flats, the largest in the world. Located in the South of the Bolivian Altiplano, in the department of Potosi, it is by far the main tourist attraction in...

Sky mirror in the salt flats: Mei & Raman

The mirror of the sky in the salt desert is one of the most beautiful attractions on the planet. Uyuni is the best tourist place in Bolivia. We as photographers in the Uyuni sal flats have a beautiful set to do our wedding photo shoots. In this post I share a photo session with Mei...

Wedding photo in Uyuni: Ying & Sun

Wedding photo in Uyuni salt flats Bolivia? This place is one of the most beautiful places on the planet for romantic destinations as a couple. In Uyuni we have surreal landscapes for wedding photographs. Wedding photos and tours in Uyuni Yin & Sun are Chinese but living in the US they have contacted us for...

Photographer in Uyuni salt flats: Maki & Naoya

Working as a photographer in Uyuni salt flats is a very big challenge because it requires a great deal of effort and creativity to achieve spectacular photos. But also a small portion of luck regarding the weather. For the photoshoot of Maki and Naoya everything was perfect: they, the set, the moments, the photographer, the...

Photographer in Uyuni, photo shooting: Yuka & Andy

As a wedding photographer he has been a privileged photographed in this beautiful couple from Japan Yuka & Andy. Meeting people from other cultures and taking pictures for them is incredible. Uyuni salt fltas is a beautiful place for its landscapes, for its sunsets. Impressive reflections of waters. Uyuni is the mirror of the world....



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