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Uyuni photo shooting Eugene y Alisson

Uyuni has been the tourist destination of Eugene and Alisson. We did a fun photo shooting on salt flats. They are from Hong Kong. Being in the Salar de Uyuni has been a great experience for them. They were in a hotel of salt as is the Hotel Luna Salada, then we visited the salt flats,...

Photos Uyuni salt flats – Potosí Bolivia

Photos Uyuni Potosí Bolivia.- Beautiful photos of the Salar de Uyuni. A unique experience in the trip to this incredible place in the world. The magic of the Salt flats Uyuni brings together tourists around of world to Potosí Bolivia. Here we share some photos of the beautiful reflections in the water in the salt...

Reflections from Uyuni salt flats Bolivia ✅

Uyuni salt flats is a magical place because of its colors, landscapes and people. The photos are beautiful by themselves. The images of Uyuni salt flats are unique. The water reflections are unique. It is the earthly paradise. Uyuni is the touristic place most popular in Bolivia.  Many tourists come to enjoy nature and a...



Photographer Uyuni salt flats Bolivia


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